Global Waste Polloution

Waste Management problems throughout Africa must be made more Sustainable.

In August 2020 our New Waste collection company was Registered in Ghana called WTE Waste Management Ghana Limited.  it is hoped we will be chosen by the GoG to provide our Gasification plants for Accra & kumasi.

ZERO Waste to Landfill

Waste is a Resource - Utilise the waste in Landfill sites in our fully funded Waste-to-Energy Gasification & Recycling plants

Produce much needed Green Clean Electricity

Manyfacture products such as Concrete blocks for House building and roads surfaces.

Share Information - Negotiate - Funding

Offer Sustainable Waste solutions and funding mechanisms for African Countries to adopt Sustainable Waste Management.

Countries we are negotiating with include Egypt, Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, Ethiopia, Zambia, Malawi and in Europe - Turkey and Bulgaria.

Description of Project - ZERO to Landfill

Our  proposals outline a complete Sustainable Waste solution, services and full funding.

This is not just a Gasification project, it is a complete Sustainable Waste solution to the current waste problems in Africa: Waste-to-Energy Gasification – Clean Green Energy - Recycling, no Landfills, funding & ,000's of  Jobs.  Within this proposal we wish now to work with African Countries and provide Gasification technology & Funding for this ZERO Waste to Landfill projects.



Egypt 29

Next Steps...

If your Country needs funding and Sustainable Waste Management technology then please contact us and we will be very willing to discuss your requirements...