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City Leap

Our Approach

Since 1995 we have taken Climate Change very seriously and as such have for the past twenty three years been developing partnerships with Renewable Energy Technology providers and funders to make possible Climate Change Mitigation and 1.5 Degree C Consistent pathways.

In August 2020 our New Waste collection company was Registered in Ghana called WTE Waste Management Ghana Limited.  it is hoped we will be chosen by the GoG to provide our Gasification plants for Accra & kumasi.

We are active in Ghana since 2015 and have our Ghana Company MMW WORLD Ltd - for solar projects in the Kumasi area and Simbrofo - Central Region.


Kenya since 2012, India together with Pakistan in 2019 and hope to develop Mini Grid Solar PV systems & Solar Farms with our funding & EPC partners.  We are also active with Waste Management proposals in Egypt, Ethiopia, Nigeria,  Kenya, Ghana, Zambia, Angola, Congo, Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Namibia.

We offer to arrange large scale project funding to make possible a Low Carbon Technology deployment – 1.5 Degree C Consistent pathway for the South of England and also on an International basis.

We assist in New Product Development - example the New Back-Contact Solar Cells - Natcore Inc - New York and New Integrated Waste Management Technologies.

 PSECC Ltd have partnered in Ghana with MMW WORLD Ltd - The SPV owning company, Registered in ACCRA Ghana for the 50MW Solar Farm at NSUTA-BUEM - Kadjebi - Volta Region of Ghana. We also have a 20MW Solar Farm project at Simbrofo in Central Region of Ghana and are awaiting it;s Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) approximately June / July 2020.

Our Experience

PSECC Ltd have experience in 1995 of writing City Energy Policy & Strategy under Agenda 21 programming together with twenty three years development experience in the Renewable Energy sector.  In June 1996 The Energy Policy was endorsed by the British Navy.

Following the Inititial Energy Network Coordination for the Hampshire Natural Resources Initiative (HNRI) programme in 2002 the Energy Policy was endorsed in 1996 by the British Navy and Alan went onto Coordinate County Energy Network in Hampshire in the UK and also Advised the M.o.D on Renewable Energy. and went onto Researching and formulating the Resource Ownership concept for the County of Hampshire in 2004. This led onto, in 2008 to the Renewable Energy strategy developments for schools in Hampshire to have Solar PV, Wind Turbines and Biomass energy installations arranged  and facilitated by PSECC Ltd.

In 2012 PSECC Ltd targeted Africa for Climate Change Mitigation and the adoption of the Resource Ownership concept by Africa - Solar OFF Grid PV and also Solar Farm developments in Kenya and Ghana.  PSECC Ltd providing funding and Technology providers such as Alpin Sum GmbH, in Kenya - Questworks Ltd in Nairobi and in 2015 the SPV company - Kenya Light Projects Ltd was formed to take forward the first 10MW Solar Farm in Kenya at Konza with Riara University.  In 2016 Simbrofo Light Ghana Ltd was registered in ACCRA to take forward the 20MW Solar Farm at Simbrofo in the Central region of Ghana.

More recently in 2017 we had partnered with Natcore Inc in New York on Solar Farm developments in the USA and also trying to Fund their new Back-Contact Solar Cells into manufacture.

Also in 2017 were invited to look at the Australia Energy sector and are making progress in the Solar farm development field.

Gasification - MSW reduction to Landfill - Zero emissions

Integrated Waste Management Plants including Gasification.

PSECC are Technical Advisors to the Government of Ghana.

2019 - Our Resource Ownership concept will be at work hopefully in the Bristol City Leap programme, we targetted the programme in June 2019,

We have been invited to be kept in the Loop going forward with this initiative and will submit plans for a 30MW Biomass Plant and are in communication with "Leap" regarding several Solar Farm proposals for the outskirts on the City of Bristol.

Further details of early work of PSECC Ltd

PSECC Solar Farms Ltd & Natcore Technology

Natcore Technology - new back-contact PV Cells with Black Silicon

Solar PV Cells are more 25% efficient and power out-put increase by 10%

Committee on Climate Change (UK)

For details of the 10th July 2019 report to Parliament, please visit the following website -

Meet the Team

Integrity, Commitment, Enthusiasm and Leadership -  Climate Change Mitigation - formed to help the people of the UK, USA, Kenya, Ghana, Iran, Bulgaria and all other suitable stable Countries with the provision of Funding, Electricity from Renewable Energy sources such as Solar Farms with Natcore technology, also Single Axis Tracking technology.

Alan Brewer MSc

Grad.MCIWM  AEI - Global Assessment BREEAM

Senior Vice President Alset Power Company New York USA

Founder & CEO PSECC Ltd

Educated at Plymouth University, Portsmouth University, BREEAM, CIWM & CAT

Report writing & Director of Simbrofo Light Ghana Ltd shareholder Kenya Light Projects Ltd / & Simbrofo Light Ghana Ltd UK Ltd

We are very experienced in CO2 emission reduction, Solar & Integrated Waste Management over 23 years also in Researching & Writing City Sustainable Energy Policy & Strategy in 1995 under Agenda 21 programming.  Funding is a particular speciality of ours.

Timothy Makofu Kinyanjui

Kenya - Waste Management Project Liaison & logistics Coordinator

Ngozika Victoria Onyekwelu

The Bright Future Project


Partner - ACEN

(Africa Circular Economy Network)

In Juy 2019 we agreed to develop solar & wind farms and assist with Sustainable Waste Management in Zambia with Ngozika Onyekwelu of The Bright Future Project in Zambia & the Africa Circular Economy Network - ACEN.

. We will be working closely with the Lusaka South Multifacility Economic Zone in Zambia.

Edith Samuel

Founder & CEO

Kenya & Ghana Development Manager



Development process

Solar Farm development


Aaron Armah

CEO & Director Ghanergize Power Limited

Williams Amoah

PSECC Ltd Africa

                                     Development Senior Manager

Lord Stephen Filary

Director of  PSECC Ltd & Simbrofo Light Ghana Ltd UK Ltd

Co-Founder of the Simbrofo Solar Farm Project and initial funder. Technical report writing and Very experienced Electronics Engineer over ten years. Good experience in Project delivery in Africa.

Initial funding provision of $40,000 to commence project delivery at Simbrofo.

Graham Elder, Nick Trew & Alain Mangion

Heads of Finance & Development funding


International Project Negotiation - Heading up the Africa Development programme

Thirty five years of International Business Financing

Robyn Bowers

Our Admin Manager

Blaise Becka

Africa Development Manager - Cameroon.

Sylvie Verinder MCIWM

Director & Founder of Fillosophy Ltd

Plastic Solutions Consultancy

Assisting also with the Circular Economy in Zambia and Solar Farm developments. Educated at Oxford Brookes University & Plymouth University.